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Where to stay in Sandbanks

Start your property exploration here! Discover fantastic hotels, holiday homes and apartments  in Sandbanks and the surrounding areas. Experience what life is like living in one of the most highly rated places to live in the UK.

With a huge variety of places to stay while you are looking for your dream home on the coast, there’s so many options in and around Sandbanks. From luxury holiday homes and apartments to stylish hotels right by the beach.

Hotel Du Vin
7-11 Thames St, Poole BH15 1JN
RNLI College Hotel
West Quay Road RNLI College, Poole BH15 1HZ
Sandy Shores
Banks Road, Sandbanks, Poole BH13 7QE
Sandbanks Apartment
Banks Road, Sandbanks, Poole BH13 7QD
Sea View
71 Panorama Road, Sandbanks, Poole BH13 7RB
Pass the Keys
Old Coastguard Road, Poole BH13 7RL
Villa Sofia
5 Salter Road, Poole BH13 7RQ
47A Panorama Road,, Sandbanks, Poole BH13 7RB
The Canford
Cliff Drive, Canford Cliffs, Poole BH13 7JF
Harbour Heights Hotel
73 Haven Road, Poole BH13 7LW
Sandbanks Hotel
15 Banks Road, Poole BH13 7PS
Haven Hotel
Banks Road, Sandbanks, Poole BH13 7QL

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